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On Saturday, November 9, Bowenwork for Fascial Health will host a community clinic at Friends Forever International in Durham, NH.

Facilitated by Bowenwork practitioners Ainslee Farrington, Cheryl Brown and Lisa Toole, the clinics provide the public with access to connective tissue and muscle therapy that is supported by “a wealth of research.”

“Bowenwork was developed in Australia in the 1950s and is used widely across the globe with it now gaining popularity in the US,” said Farrington.

Noting sessions at these clinics are approximately 15 to 20 minutes, Farrington said they can help to either begin to address health concerns, or contribute to a person’s care by keeping the body moving forward.

“We reset dysfunctional patterns,” she said.

The effects are generally immediate.

“Because we are down regulating the autonomic nervous system, allowing it to come out of fight-flight-freeze mode and into rest-relax-repair mode, most people feel this reset in the first session,” she said.

For Tracy Cullen of Goffstown, NH, Bowenwork has been “a tremendous help to [her] entire family’s well being.” As an example, she cited an instance in which her kids both experienced ankle sprains one month apart.

“Our son received Bowenwork the same day as the incident and was rock climbing with a brace competitively within 10 days,” she said. “Our daughter didn’t receive treatment and was on crutches and needing support for a month.”

Cullen said the community clinic sessions are of particular benefit to their family.

“Following a session, we feel more grounded, have improved posture and sleep much better,” she said. “Clinics have provided an on-going regular means for us to affordably nurture our bodies and be proactive with a more preventive approach.”

These sessions, noted Toole, can provide a neurological reset that can cue metabolic processes responsible for efficiently regenerating life cell by cell.

“The greater the efficiency, the greater the vitality and health,” she said. “Bowenwork is an incredible, research supported self-correction tool.”

Bowenwork for Fascial Health offers community clinics on the second Saturday of each month from 10 am to 1 pm at Friends Forever International, 1 Morgan Way, Durham. The next one is scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 9.

Clinics are free for college students and children (18 and under) and $25 for adults.