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Developed in the 1950s in Australia, Bowenwork has in recent years begun to gain tremendous popularity across the US, including southern Maine and coastal New Hampshire.

Addressing both acute and chronic health conditions, Bowenwork is a connective tissue and muscle therapy that Tracy Cullen, who receives services from Bowenwork for Fascial Health, says works.

“Bowenwork has been a tremendous help to our entire family’s well being,” she says.

As an example, she cites an instance in which her kids both experienced ankle sprains one month apart.

“Our son received Bowenwork the same day as the incident and was rock climbing with a brace competitively within 10 days,” she recounts. “Our daughter didn’t receive treatment and was on crutches and needing support for a month.”

Michelle Maynard was referred to Bowenwork for Fascial Health for TMJ and issues with her eyes. The effects from receiving treatment, she says, were nearly immediate.

“Over several sessions, not only did I experience relief from those issues, but my body also started to heal old injuries,” she says. “I was in a car accident many years ago and injured my right hip. Through Bowenwork, I could feel energy start to move more freely in this area and pain has lessened significantly.”

For Bowenwork for Fascial Health’s Cheryl Brown, who works in Kennnebunk, such results typify the kind of experience they see every day with their clients.

“Bowenwork provides a neurological reset for the body,” she says. “It is exciting to see more people throughout this area begin to trust in it…There is a lot of research behind it.”

Providing the public with easy and affordable access to Bowenwork, Bowenwork for Fascial Health offers community clinics on the second Saturday of each month from 10 am to 1 pm at Friends Forever International, 1 Morgan Way, Durham. 

Noting sessions at these clinics are approximately 15 to 20 minutes, Brown says everyone can benefit from them.

“These sessions can either begin to address health concerns or contribute to a person’s care by keeping the body moving forward,” she says. “We have entire families from all over visit us at our clinics.”

Clinics are free for college students and children (18 and under) and $25 for adults.