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Our goal at BFFH is to provide clients guidance for a return to full health and functionality. We use comprehensive measures to ensure client safety and minimize germ transmission. We maintain appropriate levels of cleanliness at our offices and take daily steps to ensure client health and wellness.

Cleaning measures include (1) frequent disinfecting of common areas, equipment/treatment tables, surfaces, door handles, and light switches; (2) frequent hand washing before/after client sessions; (3) and fresh linens & head cradles for each client. 

Waiting areas are kept clear, and clients may call from their cars to alert their Bowenwork Practitioner of their arrival. During session work, both practitioner and client are encouraged to wear face masks to minimize added vapor droplet transmission. 

As Bowenwork Practitioners, we believe it’s critical to continue our therapeutic services, as it assists the body with tissue detoxification and immune health. If you experience any symptoms of illness, fever, or become exposed to someone sick, please stay home and reschedule your next session with appropriate waits.

If you have traveled within the last two weeks, please inform your Bowenwork provider before scheduling your session, class, or clinic.  As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or pre and post session observations, you are encouraged to share all comments with your practitioner.