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What is Bowenwork?

It is a light touch based therapy used to reset tension patterns throughout the neurofascial system, establishing a global rest, repair and healing response body wide.

How did you get into this line of work?

Following a horseback riding fall and subsequent back and neck injury, I sought in home therapy because I was unable to drive at the time. So I reached out to Matt Begnoche, a Seacoast physical therapist, who referred me to Ainslee Farrington, who made home visits.

I was so profoundly struck by the difference Bowenwork made in my health that I got professionally certified to help others. Not only were the injuries for which I sought treatment greatly helped, older injuries I thought I had to live with were also resolved.

How do your businesses work?

Bowenwork4U with Lisa is my personal business while Bowenwork for Fascial Health is a virtual team of three professional Bowenwork Practitioners comprised of Cheryl Brown, Ainslee Farrington and myself. We work together at monthly clinics and maintain our respective private practices in diffreent locations throughout the greater Seacoast of New Hampshire and southern Maine.

Do each of you specialize in different areas, or is your work pretty similar?

The techniques and foundation of the work are the same. The protocols and approach are similar. Individual “styles” may vary slightly but the application of the work is very similar.

Any trends in your work?

One trend is more referrals by medical professionals treating chronic pain, athletic injury, traumatic brain injury, and pre and post-operative support that recommend Bowenwork. This is mainly due to the research findings making their way into main stream health care.

What kinds of issues can Bowenwork address?

Virtually any condition involving an insufficient response in the body’s healing mechanisms. Some conditions respond more completely than others. Chronic and acute auto immune illnesses with layers of co-morbidities will respond slower with longer support. But generally, clients begin to respond within the first session further enhanced with added session work depending on individual baseline health. When you consider healing is a product of 100% systems efficiency, Bowenwork is a stimulant for these processes–it is rest, repair, recovery and tissue rebuilding.

Any success stories you can share?

I’ve seen joint injuries — neck, back/disc, knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, carpal tunnel — resolve. Bowenwork also works for migraines, asthma/allergies, anxiety/depression  symptoms from Tick diseases, acute pain syndromes (CRPS, Dystonia, POTS), muscle cramps, TBI’s, PTSD, cancer related symptoms, auto immune illnesses and so much more.

Clients who have lost their sense of taste due to other conditions have actually regained a sense of taste after Bowenwork. Hearing and balance issues improve consistently, too.

One client experienced clear speech, improved posture, and pain abatement following 16 years of involuntary muscle contractions, voice box spasms & muscle atrophy associated with Dystonia.

What is your biggest business challenge?

There are so many people that can benefit from this work who have yet to hear about it. We find our best clients are those that have taken the first step to experience the work directly, either through a clinic mini session, a gift certificate first session gifted to them by a loved one, or a referral from a satisfied client.

As a virtual team at Bowenwork for Fascial Health, one challenge is to reach consumers exponentially in an efficient way. A happy challenge would be “we’re too busy.”

Looking ahead, any exciting things on the horizon for you and your business.

I want to be so busy with clients and students that I can expand and add an annex to my office to accommodate novice rescue protocol classes, mini clinics and multiple client treatment space. I want to enhance flexibility and cost effective options for individuals and groups so that they employ this service regularly in their personal health program.